Getting Ready to Go Back to School

With the first day of school right around the corner, it’s time to get your kids ready to go back to school!!!

For kids, the first day of school is often something they look forward to as they get to reunite with old friends, make new friends, meet their new teachers and learn/experience new things!

However, starting a new school year can also cause some parents and their children anxiety. Parents often worry about whether or not their child will succeed and what they can do to get their child to perform at their full potential. While the kids, particularly the younger children worry about missing their parents or not liking their new teacher/classroom environment. Older kids on the other hand, often worry about fitting in, self-identity, and excelling in what they are good at, be it academics or athletics.

To avoids this upcoming anxiety, here are some ways that the family as a whole can prepare to get their kids ready for the upcoming school year.

Switch Back to a School Schedule/Routine – it’s very important to ease your kids back into their school schedule/routine because kids that don’t get enough sleep:
  • Feel sleepy/lazy during their classes.
  • Which will cause them to be unproductive.
  • And make it harder for them to retain/understand what’s being taught to them in class.

To easy your kids back into their school schedule, introduce earlier bedtimes and wake your kids up around the time they normally wake up for school (start doing this 1-2 weeks before school starts!). A healthy school schedule consists of at least 7-8 hours of sleep and a healthy breakfast before class. It’s also very important not to skip meal time, because you kids need the energy and nutrients to get through a school day.

Go Shopping for School Supplies TOGETHER

contact your child’s school or teacher regarding the supplies your child will need for the upcoming school year. Once you know what supplies you need to buy, bring your child along for the school shopping. Shopping with your child will let them exercise their decision making skills and get them more excited for the upcoming school year.

Get Back to School Clothes

For older kids, clothes are a means through which they can express themselves. So it’s important that your kids have access to clothing that they feel comfortable in. You don’t want to have your child worrying about their outfit in class when they should be focussing on their lesson. Also as parents it your responsibility to ensure that the clothing your child wears is within school regulations.

Study Space

Ensure that your child has a quiet and spacious space for which they can study and complete their homework. Also ensure that all necessary supplies are present (pencils, pens, calculators, highlighter, sharpies, colour pencils/pens, sticky-notes, hole puncher and stapler) so your child does not have to waste time looking for the supplies they need to do their homework/assignment.

Family Calendar

Put up a large calendar where you can list everyone’s activities, such as: test dates, due dates for assignments/projects, PTA meetings/events, school functions/programs and athletic events/competitions. Having all upcoming activities listed will help you stay organized and prepared for the upcoming week. Thus minimizing the stress of unexpected events.

Make a Plan for Success

Sit with your child and list out the work ethics and study strategies that worked/did not work for them in the previous school year. Continue with the strategies that worked and try out new strategies to replace the ones that did not work. As a student its important to understand that finding the right work ethics/study strategies will be crucial to your success later on in life, so don’t be scared to experiment until you find what works best for you.

Review/Refresh Previous Academic Knowledge

A quick review of what you did in the previous school year will not only better prepare you for the first week of classes (which is normally all review) but will also help you identify areas that you need to work on and dedicate more time to when studying.

Get Ahead of the Game

Get a hold of the textbooks and workbooks that your child will be using in the upcoming year and encourage them to skim over the content. Exposing your kids to the material before it’s taught will help them better understand the concepts when its actually taught in class, as the material won’t be completely new to them. Also encourage your kids to watch educational videos/tutorials on subjects they are interested in. this will enhance their academic foundation significantly.