Online Tutoring


Grades 1 – 8

Our Philosophy of Learning

At Step Up Academy, we believe every child has the potential and power to grow and succeed.

We just need to find the right program and put together the perfect team to help them get there.

Why Online Tutoring with Step Up Academy

All classes are taught by our Tutors who are Certified Teachers!.

The work we create and provide all follow the Curriculum.

We send extra work to practice at home outside of class.

Choose from a wide range of classes – One on one or Small Group.

We provide school work support and homework help as needed to make a direct impact with school performance.

We conduct ongoing assessments to track student learning and progress.

We provide student updates and feedback via our custom-developed learning program: Step Up LIVE

The Subjects and Classes we Provide Tutoring for

We cover a range of subjects for students between Grades 1 to 8. Choose from any of the subjects below!







How we get your child from Point A to Point Success

Free Assessment

Every child is different and the best way for us to support them is to understand exactly what challenges they’re experiencing. During the assessment we assess academic skill in reading, writing and math, as well as an analysis of their most recent report card.

Individualized Learning Plan

Based on the initial assessment, we identify the best kind of class for your child – whether it is a small group or 1-on-1. Then we match your child up with the perfect tutor and ensure all the information we’ve learned is shared with them. Now, we develop a tutoring plan based on the strengths and needs identified to ensure we are able to purposefully help your child meet their learning goals.

Monitor for Progress

Our unique and dedicated student success team will monitor your child’s progress and conduct periodic check-ins to ensure your child is on track. Our ongoing assessments and tutor feedback via our custom learning management program – Step Up LIVE will ensure that families are also kept in the loop. We also support the tutor as needed to ensure everyone on the team has the necessary tools to help your child meet their learning goals

Success You Can See

Success is measured by your child’s performance in school. This can be on tests and assessments, as well as their report cards. At Step Up Academy, we strive to ensure that your child sees an improvement in their marks and learning skills at school. This helps us keep your child motivated in learning and keep striving for success.

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How Online Learning Works with Step Up Academy

Classes take place at a pre-set time online on our learning platform. Students will be able to see their tutor live online so they can communicate and learn. The work your child completes is posted online as well so that our tutors can monitor your child’s progress every step of the way, provide feedback and assess.

Choose from 2 Options


Choose from once or twice a week sessions.

Have your child learn ahead and excel in their grade.

Receive Homework Support as needed from a certified teacher.

Receive homework from Step Up Academy for your child to continue practicing and learning outside of class!.

Have your child learn everything in the curriculum for their grade.

Focus on specific skills each class to ensure your child receives a well-rounded education.


Choose from a minimum of 1 hour per week to a maximum of as much as you need!.

Choose from flexible times.

Receive homework support, test prep and school support whenever needed.

Focus on developing very specific skills with your child – whether it be reading, math, etc.

Receive homework and extra practice work to support your child beyond class.

Work closely with the tutor to play a role in custom developing a program that best addresses your child’s needs.