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Welcome to Step Up Academy "The Best Tutoring Center Scarborough & Ajax". Discover an engaging platform that will change the way children learn and acquire skills. Our fun-filled and comfortable learning environment makes Math easy, English fun and Science simple for all children from Grades 1 to 12. Step Up Academy offers tutoring services, well-complemented by one-on-one support with expert advice, mentorship, guidance at every step.

Our staff consists of real Ontario Teachers who know what the curriculum and schools require and we prepare our students for their future. Our passionate teachers focus on relationship building and aim to provide immaculate customer service. We are committed to provide engaging learning resources for Grades 1 to 12 that:

News & Events

  • 12 to 23

    STEM Camp – 2019

    STEM Education is the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics into real world topics to show students the interrelation...

  • 29 to 10

    STEM Camp Ajax

    STEM Education is the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics into real world topics to show students the interrelation...

  • 15 to 26

    STEM Camp Scarborough

    STEM Education is the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics into real world topics to show students the interrelation...

  • 02 to 12

    Summer Camp – STEM Program 2019

    STEM Education is the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics into real world topics to show students the interrelation...

  • 18 to 21


    Step Up Academy is closed on February 18th for the Family Day long weekend. Happy Family Day!

  • 24 to 04


    Step Up Academy will be closed from December 24th to January 4th. Classes will resume on Saturday January 5th. Happy...

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  • EQAO & Literacy Exam Preparation
  • JK to Grade 8 Program
  • Grades 9 to 12 Program
  • University & College Support

Although the EQAO and Literacy Exams may cause some stress, we know that when we prepare our students for it with our in-depth material and teachers who have experience marking these tests, we have nothing to fear. We make sure our students know the EQAO and Literacy Exams inside and out, as well as techniques to answer specific questions. We work on strategies to answer Multiple Choice and Short Answer questions, as well as practice writing long answers within a set time frame. We provide our students with practice tests, but also make sure to mark all their work and provide them with feedback so students know what they need to do to improve their reading and writing skills. We review with students the importance of providing supporting points to back up their answers, as well as how to write quality responses rather than simply filling up empty space Read more..


We provide our students with a wide range of topics and genres to read, so that they can develop their reading skills. Students will read fiction and non-fiction texts ranging from short stories and children’s books to novels, newspaper articles and graphic texts. One main concept of our reading program is to focus on before, during and after reading strategies. As classroom teachers, we know the importance of engaging our students in the reading process all throughout the text rather than simply reading to complete questions or re-telling a story. This is why we ensure that our students are making predictions, inferences, connections and conducting research even before they start reading. This way, they are engaged with the text and the various features it has as they read Read more..


Our high school program is strategically organized to support our students with work they are completing at school. In a semestered high school, there are five months to complete a course, and this is usually four courses at a time. As high school teachers ourselves, we recognize that we need to provide our high school students with targeted support so that they can carry forward what they learn with us into the classroom the next day, as well as come to us with questions and concerns they may have so that we can address these needs on a timely basis Read more..




Our support for our University and College students are specialized on the courses they are taking. After an introductory meeting where we discuss needs and expectations, we will pair one of our Senior teachers up with the University or College student in need, and move accordingly. These individual sessions are meant to be collaborative, where the student will have time to ask the teacher for clarification, as well as support on topics being covered in class. Since these classes are one on one, there is a lot of flexibility in terms of timing and structure Read more..




Step Up Blogs

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Parent Testimonials

  • For many parents, Step Up Academy offers a better, more affordable alternative to hiring an expensive tutor for maths and other subjects.

    - Maria Demacopolous, YRDSB
  • Now it’s easier for my son to learn on his own and I can easily monitor his progress as he finishes each lesson.

    - Pamini Vithiyaparan, Parent
  • I never knew learning math could be so much fun.

    - achin Premnath, Student

Teachers Of Step Up Academy


Kerthiga Manokumar

My name is Kerthiga Manokumar and I am High School English, History and Special Education teacher in the York Region District School Board. I love that moment in teaching when students grasp a concept that I’m explaining and they have their aha moment.

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Kaylie deBlois

My name is Kaylie deBlois and I am a High School Mathematics and Geography teacher in the Toronto District School Board. As a lifelong learner, I am passionate about finding ways to engage my students and connect the curriculum to their own passions.

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Thanusa Selvaratnam

My name is Thanusa Selvaratnam and I am a Primary-Junior Teacher in the Durham District School Board. I earned my Bachelor of Education degree from York University. As an educator, I am committed to creating a classroom atmosphere that is stimulating and encouraging to all students..

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Shadia Afrin

My name is Shadia Afrin and I am a Grade 3/4 French Immersion teacher in the Toronto District School Board. Having experience teaching primary and junior grades simultaneously, I have gained valuable experience creating and delivering instruction for two curriculums everyday.

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Induja Indrakumar

My name is Induja and I am Primary-Junior teacher candidate. I obtained my degree in Early Childhood Education at Ryerson University and most recently completed my Master of Teaching degree at the University of Toronto.

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Amanda Cruz

My name is Amanda Cruz and I am a French and English teacher candidate. As a University of Toronto graduate. I’ve had over five years of tutoring experiences which includes Core French, Extended French, Immersion French, Academic/Applied French and

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Sarah Lanni

My name is Sarah Lanni and I am currently a Primary and Junior Special Education teacher with the York Region District School Board. I have over seven years experience teaching in a classroom setting ranging from kindergarten to grade 8, with most of my experience in special education.

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Christina Sciulli

My name is Christina Sciulli and I am a Junior and Intermediate teacher candidate. I achieved my Honours Bachelor of Arts from Trent University. I am currently enrolled at Tyndale University completing my Bachelor of Education degree with a teachable in History.

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Nicole Morrison

Hi there! My name is Nicole Morrison and I am a OCT certified Elementary Primary/Junior educator. I completed my undergrad at Queen’s University in Classical Studies (Ancient Greek and Roman history) and completed my Bachelor of Education at Western University...

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