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Individualized and
Results-Oriented Tutoring in
Ajax that Has an Impact

With tutoring focused on the individual strengths and needs of our students, we are able to work on finding and sharing specific strategies for each student. We are not about a one size fits all model as we actively explore different teaching tools and strategies to find the perfect fit that will help us get to that “aha!” moment. However, simply tutoring is not enough, and to make sure we are results-oriented, we conduct regular assessments to check on student understanding and success. This personalized tutoring model paired with ongoing assessment allows us to ensure success.

Serving the Ajax Area and Beyond

Accessibility is of great importance when it comes to tutoring, especially when the classes are after school or on the weekends. This is why we pride ourselves in getting to know our surrounding neighborhoods and schools and ensuring that we are focused on uplifting the students and families in the Ajax area and beyond.

Math Tutoring in Ajax

Our Math Tutors, armed with knowledge of the Ontario Curriculum expectations and an Ontario College of Teachers Certification, meet the students where they are at and help to raise their mathematical skills. Tutoring should be hard, and we are here to help build a path to success.

English Tutoring in Ajax

Reading and Writing ability are some of the most important skills because literacy development is necessary even beyond the regular English classroom. Our English tutors build these core literacy skills, such as making inferences and decoding text features, so that students can develop literacy skills that are relevant and connected to the Ontario Curriculum.

Science Tutoring in Ajax

Science is a topic that is far-reaching in its relevance to everyday life, and this is the approach our science tutors take as they embark on science. Our science tutors show students how to connect the topics they learn in their books to life so that students become engaged in their learning, especially for a topic that holds so much potential.

French Tutoring in Ajax

We believe that French tutoring needs to start with where our children currently are. Our French tutors assess each student’s reading, writing and oral communication skills before proceeding with any tutoring work. This way, all the work provided helps students develop a specific pathway to success.

EQAO Classes in Ajax

Standardized tests may cause some students to worry, but our tutors make sure to explain how the EQAO test works, as well as the best strategies to use to ensure success. We believe that as long as our students are prepared, with practice and enough feedback, success becomes more certain. We prepare our students for the EQAO test by completing practice tests as well as providing ample feedback and room for improvement.

Literacy Exam

Preparation in Ajax

The Grade 10 Literacy exam is certainly on the minds of many Grade 10 students since it is a requirement for graduation as well. When our English tutors and teachers prepare students for the Literacy exam, we show many examples of the best way to answer questions, as well as teach specific strategies to manage time and the work so students feel ready when writing the Literacy Exam.

ESL Classes

in Ajax

English as a Second Language can be challenging, however our teachers identify specific reading levels for each student which then allows us to target the support we provide. These individualized strategies also help to provide students with specific work that helps them individually. This way, we can ensure that students are being helped in the best way possible.

Literacy Exam

Preparation in Ajax

We recognize as educators, that students will be bringing home work that parents might not be able to assist them with or may not have time, so that is what we’re here for. With our small student to teacher ratio (6:1) and individual classes, we are able to help students work through challenging questions and concepts. Our mission is to help fill in any gaps in learning that may begin so students have a strong foundation to keep learning on.