Message from the Director

Nurturing Minds, Moulding Lives.

Welcome to Step Up Academy of Learning. We are a humble group of teachers whose goal is to help our students in any way possible so they can be successful in school, and thus in life as well.

Step Up Learning is managed by Kerthiga Manokumar (HBA, MT, OCT), an acclaimed High School English/History/Social Science/Special Ed teacher in the York Region District School Board.

I started this Academy after realizing that there are many students who need 1-on-1 attention to receive the tools and support they need to succeed. From the point of view of a very busy high school teacher, there are students who may not get all the support they need, and despite afterschool support and lunch-time assistance, it is never enough. Step Up Academy developed out of this need to support students individually with their learning needs so that each and every one of them knows that they too can step up and succeed as long as they have the right kind of support.

Step Up Academy offers a conducive, encouraging, comfortable environment for children to step up their learning and achieve success. Our students progress within the Ontario Curriculum with adequate help with their homework and assignments.

Our strategy at Step Up Academy is to get to know the individual learner and cater our lessons to their needs. We ask questions, seek feedback and aim for growth during every session. We plan individual lessons and after every class, make sure to reflect on how we can improve and continue to assist our students. These are the qualities of a good teacher.

In addition to the curriculum and learning content, we focus on learning skills. Skills such as organization, initiative, responsibility and communication which play a large role in making sure that your child can speak up for themselves and support their own learning. We maintain strong ties with our parents to ensure that our students are being supported inside our class as well as at home.

We are passionate about what we do and are always looking to improve our practice. This is how we know that we are doing everything we can to support your child, so that today’s learners can become tomorrow’s leaders.


Kerthiga Manokumar


Director, Step Up Academy of Learning

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