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Step Up Academy of Learning provides training for individuals wishing to excel in their workplace because learning is a lifelong goal. We provide a range of training courses such as: teacher/tutor training, online teaching, business communication and management training.

It is a well known fact that professionals within any field of work are engaged in constant learning. Step Up Academy of Learning encourages this growth mindset among our trainees to ensure that they are growing, as well as fostering a growth mindset among their workplace and colleagues.

Our training courses consist of various modules which can be modified to accommodate your specific needs. As adult learners, we recognize the need to build workplace-specific skills and strive to ensure that each training course you complete at Step Up Academy helps build skills you can use in your position.

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Workplace conflict resolution

Culinary skills training in partnership with chef Ruwan

Leadership in the workplace

Step to Starting:

Give us a call.

In our initial call we will ask the following questions:

  • What kind of training do you need?
  • What skills are you hoping for your employees to develop?
  • What is your timeline?
  • If you are an employer – who are your employees?
  • When are you available to complete this training?

Watch as your ideal training course comes together!

Based on the information you share, we will provide you with:

  • a course outline,
  • training modules specific to your needs,
  • options to complete the training ONLINE or IN-PERSON,
  • a course schedule to meet your timeline and availability and
  • the training fee.

Confirm & Get Registered

This is your opportunity to review the course outline and once all is good, get yourself or if you’re an employer, the trainees registered!

Start Learning & Watch the Growth

Our instructors will take it from here, by ensuring that all your preset learning goals from Step 1 are met with ongoing assessment and feedback.

upon successful
receive your training certificates!

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