What is STEM?

STEM Camp Scarborough - STEM Camp Toronto - STEM Camp 2020

STEM Education is the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics into real world topics to show students the interrelation between these different subjects and how relevant they are to our everyday lives.

What’s so special about the Step Up STEM Camp?

  • Small group sizes of 8 to 10 students to develop individual skills.
  • Students pursue a project of their interest.
  • Develop strong communication and collaboration skills from Day 1!.
  • Learn how to make effective presentations.
  • Build effective research and note-taking skills.
  • Introduce students to leadership, teamwork, and communication skills.
  • Daily physical activity and fun!.
  • Become an effective public speaker!.
  • Last but not least, learn to think like an engineer!
  • Organized and led by Ontario Certified Teachers.
  • Present and earn awards from a special guest at the Step Up STEM Fair.

Weekly    $300   $240

2 Weeks Program

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Students practicing their communication skills by describing the topic on their peer’s back.

STEM Camp - Step 01

Encourage Students to Build Positive
Relationships by:
  • Playing communication-based games.
  • Interacting with different personalities and characters.
  • Challenging their communication skills based on unique situations.

STEM Camp - Step 02

Empower Students to Search Within Themselves for a Passion Project Topic by:
  • Conferencing with the teacher about what they are personally interested in.
  • Thinking about challenges people face in the world or community and how to make a positive impact.

Students browsing through potential passion project ideas to finalize their own focus.


Students actively taking research notes.

STEM Camp - Step 03

Teach Students Effective Research Skills so They are Empowered to Pursue their Passion Project by:
  • Focusing on how to take effective research notes.
  • Recognizing what a credible research source looks like and how to conduct a credibility check.
  • Learning to maneuver the internet to find the best possible resources to answer their questions.

STEM Camp - Step 04

Educate Students on the Multi-faceted Role of an Engineer and Show Them How to Think Like an Engineer by:
  • Showing students that Engineers are people who solve challenges in the world.
  • Laying out the many many different kinds of Engineering roles available in the world.
  • Instilling in the students a critical thinking and problem solving mindset through hands on activities.

Students collaboratively developing a paper airplane for an Engineering Challenge under specific guidelines.


A student consulting her teacher in the development of her water filter to address clean water issues.

STEM Camp - Step 05

Show Students that They too Can Create Solutions like an Engineer Through a Project-Based Approach by:
  • Using the research they have collected to construct a prototype that will address the challenges they see in the world or community.
  • Test out their project to ensure that it works and is effective, and if not, adapt it as needed.

STEM Camp - Step 06

Develop Effective Public Speaking and Presentation Skills to Share Their Findings and Research by:
  • Recognizing the importance of tone, pace, posture, facial expressions, eye contact and gestures as they speak.
  • Practicing their presentation skills in front of peers and the teacher right from day 1 of the Step Up STEM Summer Camp.
  • Learning how to self-evaluate their public speaking skills, as well as accept and integrate constructive feedback.

A student practicing her public speaking skills in front of peers using gestures, and ready to receive feedback.


A student proudly displaying her research and Engineered product right before she starts her presentation.

STEM Camp - Step 07

Present Their STEM Projects to the Class and Teacher on the Final Day to:
  • Exhibit all the work they have completed.
  • Exemplify the growth they have experienced in regards to public speaking.
  • Demonstrate a thorough grasp of their passion project topic by responding to questions.

STEM Camp - Step 08

Participate in the Centre-Wide Step Up STEM Fair to Showcase their Growth and Highlight Their Projects by:
  • Setting up a booth with their presentation, engineered project and other artifacts.
  • Confidently speaking to guests about their research and accomplishments.
  • Demonstrating how their engineered STEM Project solves a challenge in this world to highlight the potential they hold as STEM Scholars.
  • Receive an award as a STEM Scholar from esteemed guests.

A student discussing his work and process at the Step Up STEM Fair with esteemed guests.

Summer Camp 2020 STEM Program

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Student Testimonials & Final Presentations

Step Up Summer Camp Scarborough - STEM Program 2020

A Detailed Look at the 2 Week

Step Up STEM Program

By the end of this day, students will:
  • DAY 1
  • By the end of this day, students will:
  • Establish relationships with peers.
  • Understand effective oral communication skills.
  • Learn how to conduct research, take notes and avoid plagiarism.
  • Explore the different research ideas and start thinking about their interests.
  • DAY 2
  • By the end of this day, students will:
  • Finalize and confirm their research topic/focus.
  • Share their pitch with the class and collect feedback.
  • Learn how to provide constructive feedback to their peers.
  • Start to see the connections between Math and their research.
  • DAY 3
  • By the end of this day, students will:
  • Start collecting research for project.
  • Begin exploring various data collection strategies.
  • Start thinking about their final product - what will their final project look like?
  • Continue to develop their communication skills with their research partner.
  • DAY 4
  • By the end of this day, students will:
  • Finish collecting research for their project.
  • Identify any gaps in their research by collaborating with their peers and complete research phase.
  • Understand what it means to "engineer."
  • DAY 5
  • By the end of this day, students will:
  • Develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills by thinking about how they can use their research in their project.
  • Learn how to analyse and represent data
  • Start analyzing their own data and collect more information.
By the end of this day, students will:
  • DAY 6
  • By the end of this day, students will:
  • Continue working on their project and collect feedback from their peers, teacher and family.
  • Finalize their research.
  • Organize and plan their final presentation.
  • Collect all materials for final project.
  • DAY 7
  • By the end of this day, students will:
  • Complete their physical project.
  • Present their physical project with their peers for feedback.
  • DAY 8
  • By the end of this day, students will:
  • Start creating their final presentation.
  • Complete their presentation script.
  • Submit their presentation script for feedback.
  • DAY 9
  • By the end of this day, students will:
  • Complete their presentation board/slides.
  • Practice their final presentation.
  • Receive and provide feedback for the final presentations.
  • DAY 10
  • By the end of this day, students will:
  • Wrap up their final project presentation.
  • Present their final project to their peers and teacher using the various oral communication strategies they have learned.


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