Give your child an early start in life

Nurturing Minds, Moulding Lives.

Diagnostics? Is this a Hospital?

We take our first meeting with your child and the diagnostic session very seriously as it is the best time for us to get to know your child, and start identifying their strengths and needs. Our writing diagnostic consists of a reading and writing portion which we assess using custom rubrics that integrate specific Ontario curriculum expectations. Our reading assessments also seek to identify where our students struggle – is it reading?, comprehension?, inferencing?, or summarizing? Finally, our math assessments provide our students to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the five strands of math so that before we even start the regular classes, our teachers will be able to strategize for your child’s success.

Every Child Learns Differently.

We strongly believe that the best way for us to close the gap between what’s missing from the learning in school and where our students need to be, is through individualized learning. Each of our students gets individual attention and work prepared specifically for them. Our teachers take time to reflect on the individual needs of your child, and the best ways to ensure that we are providing the support that they need.

When one of our students encounters a challenge – when they have difficulty grasping a certain math concept – we sit with them and we provide them with the individual attention they need to succeed. We create worksheets and organizers that specifically address this student’s needs, or even create stories to help them understand how a certain math concept works. We do everything we can, by first recognizing that no learner is the same, and then conjuring up all our teacher experience to develop a truly unique, individualized learning experience for each student.

Success is Within Reach!

We believe that with the right tools, support and attitude, anything is possible. We celebrate successes – however small they may be, to encourage and show our students that if they are capable of that, then they are capable of more. A core part of our philosophy at Step Up Academy of Learning is the growth mindset. It is important for everyone – including our parents to believe that our students can succeed and to develop resilience.

We encourage students to reflect on all that they have done, as well as think about what they can do differently next time. Did they not practice enough? Was there a certain concept they did not grasp? Did they make a careless mistake or rush through something? Once we are able to identify what the challenges are, the path to success becomes more clear.

Our motivation to succeed and belief in the ability of our students to step up to success is what makes us unique. We cherish those moments when our students come back to us and tell us of a success, because that is an opportunity to us to remind our students that they are capable of so much more. They are capable of change.