Early Learners program at Step Up Academy

The Early Learners program at Step Up Academy of Learning is specifically structured for students in Kindergarten Year 1 (Junior Kindergarten), Kindergarten Year 2 (Senior Kindergarten) & Grade 1

At Step Up Academy we realize the challenges Early Learners face with online learning and have created a dynamic and engaging program to address these challenges while providing a meaningful and beneficial learning program for early learning.

Some of the specialized features of Step Up Academy’s Early Learners Program are

  • The ability for students to see their teacher on the screen.
  • A pencil and paper method with no need for students to type or use their device.
  • A range of activities based on multimedia tools to engage learners.
  • Social interaction and collaboration with peers to build communication skills.
  • Rich, engaging learning beyond worksheets or a transmissive model.

Addressing the Gap

The transition from Kindergarten to Grade 1 is a huge transition. There are many reasons why this is a big transition and why many students struggle in grade 1 because of this transition. A large challenge with this transition, is the large step in the curriculum and expectations in grade 1 versus kindergarten. Grade 1 is very academic and moves away from the play-based model.

Our Early Learners Program is especially structured to support students overcome these gaps in learning so that they can continue to grow academically and socially in the best ways possible.

Subjects Offered




Class Structure

  • Classes are 2 times each week – usually Tuesday & Thursday or Monday & Wednesday.
  • Each class is 90 minutes (1 hour and 30 minutes) in length.
  • Within the ELP Classes, teachers focus on developing literacy and numeracy.

Numeracy Skills are built with the following strategies

Literacy Skills are built with the following strategies

Using pictures

Journal writing

Virtual manipulatives

Read alouds

Students writing out their answers

Digital stories

Word problems

Rhyming games

Math challenges

Literacy-based games

Math games

Sight word learning

Short videos

Reading strategies

Collaborative learning

Reading comprehension strategies

Discussing strategies with the other students to build the strategies for all the students

Sentence writing

Short videos

Collaborative learning

The ELP Classroom is a dynamic space that changes to accommodate the different learners and engage them in education. Our teachers are always looking to understand their students’ interests, needs and goals to ensure that every class is relevant and purposeful.

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