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How Does Online Tutoring Work at Step Up?

Step Up Academy of Learning has been a leader in online and face to face tutoring for many years, offering your child an experience that will spark their love for learning. Our online tutoring classes are run live at a pre-set time with a Certified Teacher on video with your child throughout the whole session. The Online Tutoring program at Step Up keeps the student engaged in learning throughout the session with work that has been created to target their individual needs.





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Why Learn Online with Step Up Academy?

  • Choose the time that works best for you!
  • Personalized Learning Program
  • Taught by Certified Teachers
  • Follow the Provincial Curriculum
  • Extra work to practice at home outside of class
  • Choose from a wide range of classes! One on one or Small Group!
  • Work that connects to what’s being done in school!
  • Ongoing assessments to track student learning

Classes take place at the same time each week with the same teacher

Real Teachers. Real Results

Caroline Chase

English and History

Kaylie DeBlois

Mathematics & Geography

Thanusa Selvaratnam

Primary-Junior Teacher

Shadia Afrin


Induja Indrakumar

Primary-Junior teacher

Amanda Cruz

French & English

Narmatha Vivekanantharajah

Primary/Junior Teacher

Shagjev Umaharan

English and Biology

Diane Pedrupillai

Mathematics and English

Kimberley Macalintal

English and History

Christina Sciulli

Junior and Intermediate Teacher

The steps to setting your child up with rich online learning at Step Up

Complete the Registration Form

Speak with a Representative from Step Up to Assess your Needs

Finalize your Child’s Class Time

Be paired up with the BEST Teacher!

Join your class on your class day and time and start Learning!

The steps to setting your child up with rich online learning at Step Up

A Device, Preferably a Laptop or Desktop Computer

Headphones for Ideal Audio

Video Capabilities

Student Testimonials

Learning online with Step Up Academy has been so easy! At first I was worried because I’d never done online classes, but they walked me through each step and now it’s so easy!

– Hariesh Rameshkumar, Grade 5 Student –

When I do tutoring online with Step Up Academy, it doesn’t even seem like it’s online because the teacher is always there, he is always looking at my work and giving me a lot of feedback and support.

– Dylan Wild, Grade 7 Student –

The teachers at Step Up Academy are always prepared and ready to help me with everything I need. My teacher always gives me work that is connected to where I specifically need help, and she is always ready to explain things to me. I always leave the class having learned something new.

– Vanitha Daas, Grade 8 Student –

One of the main things I need help with is my writing. I’ve always had trouble getting my ideas down and writing a lot. After I started tutoring online with Step Up Academy, writing became much easier. This was because my teachers broke down the work and showed me strategies to write that I didn’t learn before. They understood me and I was able to grow because of this.

– Simon Dang, Grade 11 Student –

The teachers at Step Up Academy are so helpful and fun! I actually look forward to signing into my class, messaging my friends, and doing different activities with my teacher and friends online. It’s a different kind of tutoring where I almost feel like I’m in school.

– Jennifer Vaughan, Grade 8 Student –

Parent Testimonials

We had our doubts about online learning because we’re so used to the traditional classroom, but once we gave it a try and saw how well structured and helpful the teachers were, we were on board! They use the technology in a way that makes the learning even better than if our child were to be in class!

– Jen Thomas, Parent –

We are not good with technology and so were super worried and scared about giving this a try. However, it was like Step Up read our minds! Before the class even started, they called us to set up, provide us with an orientation and describe in detail how the system works. We were so comfortable after this and things have been great!

– Pooja Malhotra, Parent –

Our child usually has trouble focusing and is not the kind of student who will stay in one place. We had questions about learning online, but once the class started, saw that the teacher was able to keep him engaged for the whole class! She was so prepared, enthusiastic and understanding. She gave him small breaks because she understood what he needed to be successful. We feel like this was the best choice for our child and us.

– Roger Chiang, Parent –

Our child’s teacher at Step Up is phenomenal! She is so engaging during the class, so well prepared before we sign on, and during the class, is always ready to support and provide feedback in real-time. Thank you!

– Seon Ravishankar, Parent –

When we’re doing tutoring at Step Up, I always know that my child will be focusing on the Ontario Curriculum expectations. This is because every class, the teacher shares learning goals that clearly connect to a curriculum expectation. This way, I always know my child is being prepared to better perform in school.

– Sarah Salvador, Parent –