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Online Tutoring At Step Up
Academy Looks Like:

  • Short micro-lessons to keep students engaged with important learning.
  • Personalized work based on your child’s grade and subject.
  • Additional practice and homework to keep your child engaged throughout the week.
  • School-based Homework support as needed to ensure your child is succeeding.
  • Test prep for school assessments as needed.
  • Ongoing assessments and recording of marks to track student progress.
  • Mini-reports sent home via email to keep families informed on their child’s progress.
  • Multiple opportunities to meet with your child’s teacher online to discuss progress.

Class Structure



Option #1

  • 1 class per week
  • Class is 2 hours in length
  • Choose up to 2 subjects (i.e. English & Math or English & Science, etc.)

Option #2

  • 2 classes per week
  • Each class is 90 minutes (1 hour and 30 minutes) in length
  • Choose up to 2 subjects (i.e. English & Math or English & Science, etc.)


  • Unlimited number of hours
  • Choose up to 2 subjects (i.e. English & Math or English & Science, etc.)

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How We Ensure Your
Child’s Success:

Student Success at Step Up Academy means:

Assessing children before they sign up for a class so we can understand their needs.

Communicating with parents about their child’s learning history and future goals.

Creating a student profile of strengths & needs to ensure everyone on the team is informed.

Once the class has started, continuing to collaborate with your child’s student success team – the teacher, you and the administration.

Making changes to your child’s programming as needed to ensure we’re responding to their adapting needs.

The Benefits of Learning Online

  • Learn from anywhere! You just need wifi.
  • Cut out the commute time.
  • Access specialized teachers – the very best of the best!
  • Utilize innovative learning technology.
  • A wide range of time slots to fit your scheduling needs.
  • Easily communicate with your child’s teacher – just pop online!
  • Continue to choose from small group or 1-1 learning.