Our Goals At Step Up Academy Are To:

understand each and every one of our students,

identify each student’s learning needs,

develop effective and engaging content to provide for our students,

foster in our students a love for learning with passionate and dedicated teachers,

continually assess our students to track their progress with different tools,

engage in dialogue with our parents and caregivers to work as a team when supporting our students,

help our students succeed in school with specific and relevant supports, and

show our students how empowering education can be.

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At Step Up Academy of Learning, we believe:

Education is the most powerful [tool] which you can use to change the world.

– Nelson Mandela

Our Guiding Beliefs For Your
Child’s Education:

Every single teacher in every single class with every single student…

CONNECTS and builds a positive relationship to optimize learning.

FOSTERS A GROWTH MINDSET to ensure our student know we believe in them, mistakes are opportunities for learning.

ESTABLISHES HIGH EXPECTATIONS because we believe in each and every one of our students.

PROVIDES FEEDBACK that is relevant, applicable and results oriented, because we’re here to show our students how they can grow..

Steps To Getting Started:

Set Up A Call

In this initial conversation you can talk to one of our teachers about specific learning needs, challenges, goals and expectations. We will also provide you with possible programs, how we can help and answer any questions.

Free Assessment.

Once you’re ready, we’ll set up a free assessment with a teacher so we can see for ourselves what the student needs, how they learn and how we can help.

Review the Results.

Meet with the teacher who conducted the assessment to review the results and discuss specifically how we can help now that we’ve seen the student’s work. We’ll also suggest possible classes and time slots.

Get Registered.

Once we’ve chosen a specific time and start date for the class, we will set up your child’s profile on Step Up LIVE – our learning management system, send you the login information so you can track your child’s growth, set your child up with Google Classroom, and set up the payment system.

Ongoing Communication.

We regularly track student progress by checking in with parents and caregivers, reviewing assessment results and connecting with teachers. Our doors, emails and phone lines are always open to families in order to keep connected about a student’s growth and how we can support them throughout the year.

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The Difference Between Step Up
Academy and the “Other” Center:

At Step Up Academy, we…

hire only certified teachers or teacher candidates who know what they’re doing.

conduct diagnostic assessments with real teachers that identify specific student needs and learning gaps based on the school curriculum for their age.

custom-develop work in-house by our professionally trained teachers that respond directly to the learning challenges your child is experiencing.

offer the option of small group classes with considerable one to one time with the teacher to ensure all families have anaffordable option to learning.

conduct ongoing assessments multiple times a term to ensure we’re keeping track of each student’s progress and learning needs.

send home mini-report cards after each assessment to ensure parents are informed on the outcome of assessments and student progress.

see parents and caregivers as members of our student success team so we can work together to support children at home and in class.

provide and mark the homework we send home with students to ensure they understand what is being taught.

keep our parents and caregivers informed on the growth and development of their children via email, SMS, in-person and online face to face meetings and ongoing check-ins.

At the “Other” Center they…

hire anyone interested in teaching but might not have the professional training.

conduct diagnostic assessments with computer programs that identify what your child should be learning and doing.

present repetitive, generic and low bar work to keep your child busy without addressing the specific learning challenges they’re experiencing.

offer small group classes at unreasonably priced fees which make education and learning inaccessible to many families.

provide students with sheets and sheets of work without assessing their learning and tracking for progress.

don’t have report cards or formalized reporting tools as an option.

place the responsibility of learning solely on the teacher who may not be trained or equipped to provide the support needed.

might send home practice work, but marking it and reflecting on the needs seen in it is questionable.

connect with parents and caregivers if possible or needed but don’t have a pre-set system of communication.

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