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The French Tutoring Program at Step Up Academy begins with a diagnostic assessment tailored with the Ontario Curriculum to place your child in the class that fits them best.

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French Tutoring Scarborough | Ajax | oshawa

The French Program at Step Up Academy focuses on oral communication, reading, listening and writing. It is specifically tailored to help students feel more confident speaking french in authentic tasks and conversations. Furthermore, this program helps their reading levels by using levelled reading texts with comprehension questions. Moreover, it enhances their writing skills by creating opportunities to practice paragraph writing and descriptive sentences.

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Oral Communication


Specialized Features:

Accurate placement in a class that will fit the student’s level.

Strong emphasis on oral speaking in class, there is at least 20 minutes of oral interaction to enhance the student’s confidence in speaking orally.

Specific lessons catered to what the student is learning at school, ensuring that the student is experiencing relevant learning with concepts like: passé composé, futur proche, les mots interrogatifs, les pronoms personnels and more.

Social interaction and collaboration with peers to build authentic communication skills in french.

End of class, engaging activities to encourage work throughout the tutoring period.

Dynamic learning environment beyond worksheets.

Program is designed by experienced Ontario Certified Teachers that reference the Ontario curriculum.

 French Tutoring center near me
French Tutoring center near me

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Addressing The Gap

Challenges Your Child Has

Inconsistent french teachers and frequent supply teachers resulting in a lack of french instruction in schools

Classroom management issues, students may have a hard time learning in a disruptive environment

Lack of resources in school, lack of authentic french texts to practice and learn from

Large class sizes that may disrupt their learning, there will be a lack of one on one attention

Lack of engagement and interest in French

How We Can Help!

Consistent french teachers providing a constant french program tailored to the student’s needs

Step Up offers a bank of resources that teachers use to enhance learning which includes: lessons, reading comprehension texts, grammar concepts and writing activities

Smaller class sizes, allowing for less disruptions in class and more one on one time

Enthusiastic teachers who love teaching french engage students to speak with confidence

Class Structure

  • Greeting in French.
  • Minimum of a 20 minute portion of oral communication in french, led by the French speaking teacher.
  • Independent work that is tailored to the student’s needs: the goal is to reinforce learning that are taught in school to work towards higher grades.
  • One on one help given during the independent work period to guide students and ensure they are on the right track.
  • Activity break: consists of an activity led by the French teacher to reinforce learning from the independent work given.
  • Follow up work given if student completes work in class.
  • Homework always given, to ensure learning and practice at home.
  • Goodbye greeting in French.

How We Engage Your Child
In French Learning

Kindergarten French Tutoring | Elementary School French Tutoring | High School French Tutoring

Opportunities for authentic french speaking activities

Enthusiastic teachers delivering the French curriculum in an engaging manner, making students excited to learn French.

Incentive of a end of class activity, such as a vocabulary game or interactive trivia game, if their work is all complete.

Student and teacher interaction in real time, students will always receive one on one time with the teacher check in of their work.

Students can engage with their peers to practice their french conversation.

Relevant tasks that relate to what the student is learning at school, students can bring their knowledge to school to improve their learning and productivity in their french classes.

Scarborough | Ajax | Oshawa — Personalized Learning, Your Way.
Flexible In-person and Online Tutoring

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Kindergarten French Tutoring | Elementary School French Tutoring | High School French Tutoring

How do you teach French listening and speaking?

With our french classes, Step Up Academy hires experienced tutors who have fluency in french. With these enthusiastic french teachers, we implement our program by Intentionally blocking off time to practice listening and speaking skills. Our online french tutoring model and in person french tutoring model will have at least 20 minutes of french oral communication time with the teacher and the student. This will ensure each student will be more and more confident with their listening and speaking skills in our classroom, and outside the classroom at school.

How will having my child join the French program at Step Up Academy help them do better in school?

Our french program focuses on the four strands: listening, speaking, reading and writing. Teachers will be asking each student about the content they are learning in school. This way, students will be improving on their skills that they are learning in school and preparing for upcoming quizzes or tests. Students will do better in school because of our intentional work that is being given, that relates to their schoolwork.

Do the students get homework?

Students receive homework each session. This allows students to practice their skills that they have learned in the classroom, while they are at home. Teachers collect and mark the homework at the beginning of every session.

Do the teachers mark student work?

In our french classes, teachers mark student work. There will be communication through the online portal whether or not students have completed the work. Furthermore, there will be anecdotal notes about their work on the online portal as well. This will tell parents what they must improve on and some great things that the teacher has seen in their work during that session.

Do all the students get the same work?

No, students do not get the same work. In our french tutoring classes, we are very intentional with giving out work that is relevant to the child’s school work. Some students may have similar work because they are learning the same thing as another student. However, most times, each student has separate work that relates to their school work.

Does the teacher help with school work or homework?

Our experienced french teachers help with the school work and homework. Students can bring in their work and teachers can give them strategies on how to complete the work. If students do not have any school work or homework, teachers will build upon the skills they are learning at school by providing them with work that relates to that topic. This will ensure that the student is improving their skills taught in school.

Is there testing or assessments for the students?

Monthly, there is an assessment for the students. Teachers will mark the work and update the online portal so the parents can see their results. This is to ensure the student’s progress and growth during their time at Step Up Academy.

Will we get an update on how our child is doing or what they are learning?

Parents can check in online through the online portal at Step Up Academy. Or, they can set up a 5 minute meeting which can be in person or online. Furthermore, parents can also call the main number and they can arrange for a meeting. Communication is very important for our french teachers.

Is there one on one time between the teacher and student?

Yes, there is always one on one time between the teacher and the student during our french lessons. Teachers always do frequent check ins with each student to ensure they are on the right track.

Scarborough | Ajax | Oshawa — Personalized Learning, Your Way.
Flexible In-person and Online Tutoring

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