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Step Up Academy of Learning is an Academic Center created, organized and managed by Ontario Certified Teachers. We seek highly enthusiastic and engaging educators who share the same if not, stronger passion for learning, teaching and student growth.We hold our teachers to high standards and actively seek to develop a professionally stimulating and growth-oriented work environment. We look forward to expanding our team of diverse educators who are at the core of our success.
All the teachers hired by Step Up Academy are Ontario Certified and passionate about student learning. They make great colleagues!
Our students range from Junior Kindergarten to Grade 12, and are assigned to teachers based on the teacher’s certification. It is important for us that our teachers are paired up with the right students so everyone is set up to succeed!
Our Admin are also educators, making it easier to work as a team so we can all collaboratively support our learners and their families.
We are community started and managed by teachers, so we truly understand the importance of teachers and the learning environment when it comes to supporting our students.
We actively seek feedback from our teachers because we respect them as professionals, and recognize that there is always room for improvement.
We establish a system of transparency with open communication between Administration, Parents and Teachers because this is the team every child needs to succeed.
All our classes take place on-site in our classrooms, allowing teachers to establish inclusive, warm and welcoming learning environments for every student.
Many of our classes take place on weekday evenings between 4pm and 9pm with different options for our students. These are the ideal times for our teachers as well since many of them are in classrooms during the day.
We also offer weekend classes from 9am to 7pm for students who prefer weekend classes. These are ideal times for our teachers who are unable to commit to weekday classes.
We collaborate as a community of learners. No one is alone and we work as a team to listen to and support each other.
A wide range of resources are made available to our teachers so they have the ability to pick and choose the best approach for each child.
Small group sizes help our teachers hone their teaching skills and explore various learning needs.
We encourage our teachers to ask questions and learn so that they can be models of the growth mindset philosophy we seek to instill in our students.
All teachers receive professional development opportunities to update and maintain their pedagogy.
Our teachers have the freedom to plan and structure lessons that address the individual needs of each child.
Develop effective parent communication skills with our focus on integrating parents into the learning strategy.
Our teachers are regularly exposed to a wide range of new and innovative teaching methods, strategies and tools to help them develop their practice.

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