Summer Reading Challenge

Ignite in your child a love for reading that will help them flourish in all parts of their lives!

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A Summer Reading Challenge All Grades:

Reading is an opportunity to explore different ideas, learn new concepts, be entertained by magical stories and grow is so many ways! Build it your child a love for reading and watch the magic happen!

Benefits of Reading:

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What Our Reading Program Looks Like:

Set Up a Call.

Give us a quick call to chat about your child’s reading needs and learning goals.

Recieve a Personalized Reading List.

You’ll then receive a reading list specific to your child’s grade and reading level.

Get Access to Reading Checklists and Progress Trackers.

You’ll then receive a reading list specific to your child’s grade and reading level.

Develop Comprehension & Reading Skills.

For each book read, we follow up with some thinking question to activate higher order thinking skills.

Earn Badges & Rewards!

As your child progresses through the books, watch them earn badges for success!

Finally, earn a Certificate for all the Hard Work!

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How Our Summer Reading Challenge
Will Help Your Child in School:

Reading skills are crucial to students succeeding in school. This is one skill that is needed in every classroom and subject. Math requires reading and comprehension of questions. Science and Social Studies requires students to read information and understand new concepts. Then Literacy is almost all reading.

Set your child up for success by helping them build core reading skills!

Some Books Your Child May Read:

Primary-Level Books:

Junior-Level Books:

Intermediate-Level Books:

Senior-Level Books:

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