Step Ahead
Summer Program

Help your child avoid the summer slide
with some fun and engaging classes to fill
in gaps and learn ahead!

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Don’t Get Caught in the Summer Slide

Did you know that according to various studies…

  • On average, students’ achievement scores declined over summer vacation by one month’s worth of school-year learning.
  • Declines were sharper for math than for reading.
  • The extent of loss was larger at higher grade levels.

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Summer Learning in the Step Ahead
Summer Program Looks Like:

  • 1-on-1 support from Certified Teachers.
  • Fun & Engaging activities.
  • Catch-up lessons to address any gaps in learning your child may experience.
  • Micro-Lessons to help your child learn ahead into the next school year.
  • Homework to help your child practice new concepts throughout the week.
  • Ongoing Assessments to track your child’s growth and development.

The Magic of Micro-Lessons!

This is how long even the most focused child can pay attention to a single topic for and remained engaged.

The length of our longest micro-lesson.


  • Short bursts of learning focused on very specific learning goals.
  • Engaging and hands on to ensure students are actually learning.
  • Weave interactive activities to stretch out student engagement.
  • Custom-developed at Step Up Academy by Certified Teachers to appeal to our students.
  • Culturally responsive and relevant to have students make connections with whatthey are learning.

The Step Ahead Summer Program uses custom-developed micro-lessons and hands on practice work to teach, track and assess student learning throughout the summer to ensure they are meeting the learning goals set by their school’s curriculum.

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ways we engage our students in authentic
learning throughout the summer!

Class Structure

Choose from any of the following:


Option #1

  • 1 class per week
  • Class is 2 hours in length
  • Choose up to 2 subjects (i.e. English & Math or English & Science, etc.)

Option #2

  • 2 classes per week
  • Each class is 90 minutes (1 hour and 30 minutes) in length
  • Choose up to 2 subjects (i.e. English & Math or English & Science, etc.)


  • Unlimited number of hours
  • Choose up to 2 subjects (i.e. English & Math or English & Science, etc.)

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