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One on One Tutoring At Step
Up Academy Looks Like:

  • An initial assessment to understand your child’s learning needs.
  • Conferencing with the teacher to share your child’s goals and learning needs.
  • Being paired with a certified teacher who specializes in your child’s grade and of need.
  • Compiling custom-developed work to meet your child’s specific learning needs.
  • Reviewing your child’s progress on an ongoing basis to track growth.
  • Communicating with your child’s school teachers as needed to coordinate support.
  • Meeting with you about your child’s progress as needed.

Did You Know…

The kind of work your child does in school depends on their teacher and the school?

Each state/province/territory/region has a pre-set curriculum for teachers to follow. However, the specific assignments, assessments, books read, textbooks used and work that is done can vary.

With One on One Tutoring, you can ensure that the time spent with our teachers is specific and relevant to your child’s learning needs.

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Some Specific Skills We Can
Help Your Child With


Challenges Your Child Has

  • Cannot write full sentences.
  • Stuggles with grammar errors.
  • Does not know how to edit their writing.
  • Rushes through their work.
  • Make spelling mistakes.
  • Has trouble getting started with writing – stuck for ideas.
  • Has trouble adding in detail.
  • Does not know how to structure their writing.
  • Is not able to write critically and analyze their work.

How We Can Help!

We break down sentence writing to highlight the specific parts, different kinds of sentences and grammar requirements such as tense, punctuation, etc.

We teach students specific steps to editing their work and provide checklists and other revision tools.

We break down the writing process into multiple steps so students are guided through idea development, planning, structuring and then writing and revision.

We provide students with graphic organizers and specific tools to clarify the expectations and guide them through the writing process.

In our one on one classes, teachers use methods such as questioning and prompting to guide student thinking and analysis until they can do it on their own


Challenges Your Child Has

  • Cannot sound out the words – struggles to read overall.
  • Does not understand what they are reading.
  • Struggles to think critically about what they are reading.

How We Can Help!

We first identify your child’s reading level and then guide them through various strategies to decode their readings.

We chunk the readings into smaller parts and continually check for comprehension so we can identify the challenges and ensure we don’t lose your child as they read.

We pose various questions to your child to prompt thinking and analysis to encourage making connections, inferences, etc.


Challenges Your Child Has

  • Has forgotten a lot of the math they’ve learned.
  • Has a lot of math gaps from earlier years.
  • Struggles to understand and follow with the pace of learning in school.
  • Can do math when it comes to strictly numbers, but struggles to apply the concepts in different contexts.
  • Struggles with word problems – cannot decode them.
  • Gets stuck with tests at school.

How We Can Help!

We conduct a free assessment before placing a student. These assessments will highlight gaps in learning.

We teach students specific steps to editing their work and provide checklists and other revision tools.

This requires practice and guided support. We’ll provide multiple thinking/application and open-ended questions to teach them various strategies.

When doing word problems we provide graphic organizers to break down word problems and chunk the work.

We help prepare your child for all upcoming assessments to boost their confidence. We also teach test-taking strategies.

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