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Ignite in your child a love for reading and writing that will set them up for success in literacy!

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Effective Reading and Writing skills are crucial for success wherever your child goes. Make sure to set them up for success by equipping them with the right literacy strategies.

All Grades:

How We Help Your Child Succeed:


We pair your child up with Real Teachers who are specially trained to help your child build reading and writing skills.


We develop work that specially targets the development of reading and writing skills.


We regularly assess our students on their reading and writing skills to track their growth and development.


We openly communicate with parents and caregivers so we can work together as a team.


We provide homework to extend the learning beyond our class.

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HOW We Build Strong Literacy Skills:


Before Writing

Before students start writing, we teach them to:

make sure they understand the question

think of as many ideas as possible

write down all their ideas

sort through their ideas and choose the best ones

organize their ideas so they flow in the best way possible


During writing, we teach students to:

return to their planning

use graphic organizers to follow the expected structure (paragraph, story, etc.)

remember the main question

write in full sentences and remember to use punctuation


After students start writing, we teach them to:

read their work out loud and correct the flow of their writing

pick out spelling, punctuation and grammar errors

review their ideas to make sure everything is focused on the main question and clearly presented


Before Reading

Before students start reading, we teach them to:

recall prior knowledge they might have about this reading topic

ask questions about things they don’t know

look at the title, images and other text features and make a prediction

DURING Reading

During the reading process, we teach student to:

ask questions

actively highlight and make notes on the reading

make connections with other readings

pause and summarize what they just read

AFTER Reading

After students finish reading, we teach them to:

make connections with other readings

make inferences based on the reading

share their opinion about the reading and support it with textual evidence

answer multiple choice and short answer questions

write responses and extensions to the reading

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