The High School
Prep Program

Get your Grade 8 child set up to succeed in September by enrolling them to learn Grade 9 English, Math, Science & French in advance!

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Addressing the Gap

The transition from Grade 8 to high school is a big change and many students struggle. High school expectations are much higher than in grade 8 or previous years for students. The students have to balance increased academics, increased responsibility and a new format of classes.

At Step Up Academy, we help prepare the students for the more challenging academics and increase in workload by providing them skills to manage the workload and introduce them to the concepts in preparation for the challenge in academics. We also promote responsibility and increase the academic expectations to help prepare them for high school.

The chart below clearly lays out some of the changes and ensuing challenges:

Changes when starting
high school

Increased work at school and at home.

Face-paced learning environment.

New school culture, different teachers for each course and larger classes.

More challenging topics being taught with the expectation of more independent work.

Classes that your child can fail if not completed.

More challenging and robust assessments with a heavy end of semester final exam.

Arising challenges for
your child

Trouble managing time accordingly.

Loss of connection with the teacher and possibly peers.

Not understanding concepts and being left behind as the course progresses.

Risk failing classes and falling behind in school. Need to redo courses.

Risk failing or not doing well on these assessments which can add up and negatively impact the overall mark.

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This is How We Set Your Grade 8 Child
Up for Success

  • We teach exactly what your child will learn in Grade 9 English, Math, Science and French
  • These classes are taught by high school teachers specializing in that subject.
  • Specific lessons are prepared and taught to introduce the new information.
  • Assign hands on practice work and homework to continue learning beyond class time.
  • There is social interaction and collaboration with peers to build communication skills.
  • Teach in small groups so there is ample time for 1 on 1 support and teacher-student interaction.
  • Students are taught specific learning skills to foster success in high school.

Watch one of our
high school math prep
classes in action!

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The Typical High School Prep Classroom:

The teacher starts the class with a whole class lesson, similar to how a high school class begins. With the small class size, the certified teacher is able to adapt the lessons to ensure they are relevant and meaningful for the students in the class. The students will then work on some independent practice with full access to the teacher for any questions or support they need. The teacher will virtually circulate to check-in with each student and provide feedback for each of the students to promote learning and growth.

There is often a collaborative activity included in the class to engage the students and have them interact with each other. Many digital tools are integrated into the classes to familiarize the students with different tech tools and to provide a dynamic and engaging learning experience for the students. The teacher has lessons and work prepared for the students in advance to ensure they are able to engage and support the students while in the class. The teacher will wrap up the class and assign homework for the students to continue to practice the skill(s) they learned in the class. There is a different teacher for math and English as the teacher is certified in specific subject areas and multiple teachers helps prepare the students for high school.

In high school the students will typically have a
different teacher for each subject. This is another way
we prepare the students for high school.

Class Structure

  • Classes are 2 times each week – usually Tuesday & Thursday or Monday & Wednesday.
  • Each class is 90 minutes (1 hour and 30 minutes) in length.

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Math skills

are built with the
following strategies:

Open – ended questions

Math challenges

Word problems

Virtual manipulatives

Math talks

Collaborative learning



English skills


Graphic organizers

Group discussions

Collaborative learning

Structured writing tasks

Digital tool integration


Explicit focus on Before, During and After Reading Skills

The High School Prep program is a dynamic program that changes to accommodate the different learners and engage them in education. Our teachers are always looking to understand their students’ interests, needs and goals to ensure that every class is relevant and purposeful.

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