Education Management Training

As your organization grows, there comes a need to ensure the quality of student learning is maintained. This is where our Education Coordinator comes in. This role is specifically designed to support the administration as well as teachers in an institution that is ever growing and developing. The Education Coordinator is unique in the fact that this individual needs to be able to lead as well as perform on various levels. Some responsibilities include:

Below are some of the topics covered:

Monitoring teachers to assist them in developing their skills.

Developing professional development material for teacher growth.

Training new teachers.

Tracking student growth to ensure the quality of learning is maintained.

The establishment of a mentee/mentor relationship.

Developing programming to respond to the needs of the organization.

Evaluation of student assessment data to support the growth of the organization.

When training individuals for the position of Education Coordinator, it is important to understand the individual’s needs as well as the organization’s needs. This is the best way to ensure that Step Up Academy is able to structure training modules that will effectively support the learning, growth and development of the center. In order to do this, there will be a detailed initial consultation process and ongoing reflections to assess the progress of the training taking place.

Additionally, the role of an Education Coordinator is meant to be a leadership position. With this, quite a bit of the training centers around developing the individual in the role. It is important for the trainee to embody confidence and a sense of purpose as they take on this role due to its ability to make a great impact on the overall organization. There will be numerous opportunities for self reflection, as well as modules specifically dedicated to leadership development. Employers should expect to invest in this kind of growth for their employee as it will ensure the eventual growth of their organization.


The timelines for the Education Coordinator training will span the course of 1 year as specific parts of the year require very specific skills.

Our trainers work side by side with the trainees to ensure that they work with them throughout the entire year so they know how to successfully support their organization as pivotal points. Some important points in the year range from the beginning of the school year and how to jump start teacher training and educational supports, to reporting periods which bring with it ample assessment of data, to how to implement purposeful and informed action plan. The summer break is also of great importance as the learning never stops and this is when the Education Coordinator in many cases takes on a more active role, preparing students for the upcoming school year, as well as reflecting on next steps before September.

Training from Step Up Academy for the Education Coordinator will look like:

Presentations for staff to learn specific concepts.

Role playing to understand how to embody the position.

Formative Assessments to ensure staff understand the content being presented.

Cooperative activities to develop a learning community.

On the job support, observation, feedback and learning.

The trainers at Step Up Academy believe the best way to learn to be an effective Teacher/Tutor is through hands on learning. Therefore, a majority of the training and learning takes place via a practice teaching placement at Step Up Academy of Learning. While the practicum takes place, the trainer(s) will support the Teacher/Tutor with their learning in the following ways: