Effective Business Communication

All businesses, whether they are new, established or still growing, are always hiring. They are always looking to add to their team, build talent and ensure the foundation of their business, which are the people, are strong and thriving. The Effective Business Communication course led by Step Up Academy of Learning addresses the crucial skills of interaction – online, in person and via the phone. Our levels of communication keep expanding as time and technology develops. This is a good thing because it allows us to expand our networks and make connections more effectively and at higher levels than ever before! However, first impressions are important, how we work things is important and overall how we communicate is of the utmost importance.

The Effective Business Communication training course at Step Up Academy is highly sought out by many companies to train incoming staff or when they see a need for communication-based growth in their staff. Our courses are custom developed to meet the needs of individual companies as we merge different modules and foci together to fit the unique needs of your company. For example, if you are in the field of law, your communication needs will vary based on whether you are in education or manufacturing. Additionally, the means of communication change based on your field and this is why we take it upon ourselves to modify our courses after the initial check-in to ensure you are getting exactly what you need.

Some of the many topics that are covered in our Business Communication Training Course are:

Understanding intent and impact when it comes to communicating – how messages are presented and how they are received.

Effective written communication including but not limited to:

Sending effective emails to effectively communicate your intent.

Writing clear and concise letters to ensure effective presentation of messaging.

WConstructing purposeful memos to present clear information and directives.

Writing strong reports to allow for effecting presentation of information.

Creating and developing effective presentations that are engaging and effective.

Effective oral communication including but not limited to:

Making presentations from small to large audiences in an engaging manner for lasting impact.

Having difficult conversations with a focus on intent and impact.

Communicating in high-energy environments – how to effectively present your message.

Conducting productive in person and online meetings – how to envision, plan and prepare with intent.

How to utilize traditional and emerging media and technology to enhance communication.

Building critical thinking skills:

Reflect on gaps in personal communication and work toward building an action plan.

Researching credible sources to ensure quality service.

Reflecting on social situations and how to best communicate.

To clarify, these are all options for the course and can potentially be material that is taught. Modules are finalized after an initial consultation which focuses on the needs of the company and intent of training.


The timeline of this course is dependent on the trainees and the time afforded to training by the employer. Additionally, not all modules are chosen by all employers and so that too will factor into the timeline. Finally, the time of training is flexible as some trainees are only available in the evenings and weekends, whereas others are open weekdays during the day.

Training from Step Up Academy for the Effective Business Communication Course will look like:

Whole group lessons and activities online or in person.

Meetings for staff to learn specific concepts.

Formative Assessments to ensure staff understand the content being presented.

Cooperative activities to develop a learning community.

On the job support, observation, feedback and learning.

The trainers at Step Up Academy believe the best way to build effective Business Communication skills is through hands-on learning. Therefore, rather than sitting in class for extended periods of time, students will be completing projects, reviewing case studies and applying what they learn and already know. These are adult learning classes, and so with it comes a certain level of trust and independent learning to allow for our students to work full time, manage a home and family, as well as learn. We are here to facilitate impactful learning opportunities so that our trainees can enter their places of work and reap the true benefits of their training with Step Up Academy of Learning.