Elementary Learning

Courses Available For Elementary School Students


Our Elementary English program covers the Ontario Curriculum from Kindergarten to Grade 8 where we make sure to integrate curriculum requirements into our lessons and expectations. Our specially catered program allows students to develop their organization skills as they plan and brainstorm for all their writing, as well as their ability to transfer ideas and thoughts they have to their writing with ease. We conduct formative assessments and maintain reflective notes to track progress, as well as challenge our students to read and write about issues they are interested in so that eventually their work will have a purpose.


Math anxiety is a challenge among many students, and at Step Up Academy, we strive to show our students that with a little bit of practice and the right kind of teacher, anything is possible. We provide our students with thorough practice and prep connected to the requirements set out by the Ontario Curriculum, to ensure that everything we do has a purpose. Our goal is to make sure that when our students walk into their classroom, they feel confident and ready to learn.


Although this test may cause some stress, we know that when we prepare our students for it with our in-depth material and teachers who have experience marking these tests, we have nothing to fear. We make sure our students know the EQAO test inside and out, as well as techniques to answer specific questions. We work on strategies to answer Multiple Choice and Short Answer questions, as well as practice writing long answers within a set time frame.


Science is not just about the chemicals and laboratories, but about the effect we as people have on the world, which is how we approach our classes. With reference to all the Science Curriculum requirements, we aim to challenge our students in inquiry-based projects and assignments so that they develop the ability to think critically and make meaning of information.


Many of our students know more than one language, but as Canadians, we value French just as much. It is this perspective that we take in our French program as we present our French classes to our students. We focus on writing, reading and oral communication – all of which allow our students to become that much more fluent in French.

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For Students

The Step Up Academy platform engages and guides children through a playful, yet structured, customized learning module and helps them acquire good grades and progress with a set of advanced skills.

For Students

Step Up Academy helps teachers to enhance student performance as the school year progresses. Teachers can manage assignments, track student progress toward curriculum goals, and assess student work regularly.

For Students

Parents can now ensure good education for children without the need for an expensive tutor. Step Up Academy relieves parents of the pressure on parents feeling overwhelmed with demands placed on their time.