Message from the Director

Nurturing Minds, Moulding Lives.

The very first class starts off with diagnostic testing where our teachers will work on getting a solid understanding of your child’s learning needs and styles. Moving on from there, we make sure to create an Individualized Tutoring Plan for your child so that every class counts and we can work towards growth.
The materials we use range from textbooks on the Trillium list as well as workbooks and specially made activities by our teachers that cater to the individual needs of our students. In most cases, the material and work we do with our students overlap with their school materials, making our learning plan that much more productive.
Step Up Academy is different because it is run by teachers who see the needs of students and realize that with Individualized support, all students have the potential to step up and succeed. We make sure to develop strong relationships with our students and plan for them. We do not teach group lessons and we do not assume that every student is the same.
Our teachers at Step Up are well informed on the different parts of an IEP, ranging from the Instructional, Accommodation and Assessment Accommodations to different learning challenges our students face. Since all of our Tutoring Plans are individualized, we are able to cater to the specific expectations on your child’s IEP.
In this case, our Individual Tutoring Plan will allow for us to see where your child is gifted and how to best cater to their individual needs. Although they may be in Grade 7, if they excel at the specific curriculum expectations, we move them ahead and challenge them to think in different ways. Our plans focus on individually identifying the needs of your child and in this case, challenging them in the ways that they need.
As parents/guardians, you play a very important role in supporting your child when not in school or with us. We assign activities and homework for students to work on and hope that you can assist them and motivate them to develop strong learning skills.
Our teachers are always present to review your child’s learning plan and our next steps. You may speak with your child’s teacher after/before their class, or communicate with the director: Ms.Manokumar by directly contacting the centre.
During the school year, we align our lessons with the topics being covered in school, and encourage our students to chare any questions, concerns or projects they may need assistance with. Our teachers aim to keep our students one step ahead of their classes so that when they go to school, they feel ready and prepared for a productive day.
During the summer months, we aim to give our students a head start with the Ontario Curriculum for their next grade. We assess their knowledge of their previous grade, and then move ahead with work for the next school year so that they feel comfortable and ready when the school year starts. We use Ontario Curriculum material and ensure that all the information taught is relevant to where they need to be.