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Hey there, parents and caregivers! Doesn’t every parent want the best for their children? Well, let’s figure out how to make them thrive! Developing a growth mindset in children is an amazing way to have them succeed. When it comes to excelling on those homework challenges, positive reinforcement can be quite effective

Positive Reinforcement: Fueling the Growth Mindset

What is positive reinforcement all about? It is about positive support. For instance, when your child gets a reward for performing their duties – this is positive reinforcement in action!

Today, let’s discuss this weapon to foster a growth mindset. Rather than simply celebrating your child’s capabilities, laud his or her efforts and accomplishments. Make them remember that their good is great, better than average. Develop their confidence by showing them the importance of hard work and perseverance.

Homework help? We’ve Got Your Back!

Homework is often one of the many frustration battlefields for most students. However, do not fear – here at Step Up Academy we provide some ideas on how to turn those homework blues into a ‘growth mindset’ success.

During your child’s stressful or stuck phases, support him/her to vent in a healthy manner. Help them understand that difficulty is part of the process. Devise a plan to solve the challenge as partners. Remind them to keep in mind that not knowing all the answers right away is perfectly fine.

Here are some phrases to foster a growth mindset during homework time:

You have already done most of this. Let’s see what you find difficult in it.

It’s perfectly acceptable not to know everything straight away. You just have to focus on patience.

So, how are you doing? Is it all about the homework issues or is there something else on your mind?

I think we should step back and consider it with new eyes.

Breaking Free from Fixed Mindsets

In the current situation when life seems to be more difficult, some students can fall into a fixed mindset. They assume that talents are genetic, and cannot be altered. Our goal is to make them appreciate that the foundation of success is hard work and dedication.

A growth mindset empowers students to:

Appreciate mistakes as opportunities for learning.

Accept the challenges as a source of their development.

The feedback should be viewed as a useful instrument of self-improvement.

Know that practice and repetition make perfect.

In contrast, a fixed mindset can make students:

Consider mistakes as obstacles to their goals.

Avoid challenges for fear of failure.

Consider feedback as a personal attack.

Feel their objectives are impossible.

Remember that, just as plants require time in the sun for growth, water and good compost, a student requires consistent effort over an extended period. At our tutoring center, we are here to remind your child that they have endless potential and provide them with enough homework support to conquer their learning goals. Let’s grow together!

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