The Best Questions to Ask Your Child on the Drive Home from School

Where does the time go! Students and parents are always on the run, whether it be work, school, meetings, extra-curriculars, etc. Sometimes the only time that children can catch up with their parents is on the drive home from school. It’s easy to ask them then, as they can rarely say “just stuff” with a shrug. Here are some great questions/topics to ask your children on the drive back from school!

School Specific Questions

  1. How did your biology (or other subject) test go? Did you see questions related to what you studied for?
  2. What happened at your club meeting today?
  3. What was your favourite part about today?
  4. Do you need any help with homework today?
  5. Did anything happen that bothers you today?
  6. Are there any clubs/sports that interest you? Are you thinking of trying out for them?
  7. What’s something you learned about that really stuck to you?
  8. What’s something you would do differently from what a teacher did today?

General Questions/Topics

  1. Bring up a celebrity that you both look out for news about.
  2. Current news events
  3. If it’s Olympic season, bring up some mutually liked sports and plan some time to watch some games/events together.
  4. Ask if they have any plans with their friends soon.
  5. What’s the funniest thing that happened today?
  6. Talk about a new season of a show that they watch.
  7. Ask if there were any good movies they’ve watched recently, and any that would be worth watching.

Some of these topics and questions have simple answers, while others can be developed into long conversations. If you sense a long conversation, maybe it would help to take a couple rounds around the block. Car talks with someone with a parent will become a core memory!