The Learning Benefits of LEGO

As you watch your kids play with LEGO, you’ll notice that you’ll want to join them. Don’t resist! Join them as they play and learn. LEGO is not just a mode of play but it is a valuable learning tool too! Children develop numerous skills that further their development in more ways than one. How do children benefit from LEGO?

Problem Solving & Resilience

One way children develop through LEGO is by strengthening their problem solving skills. They learn patterns, placement of bricks, shapes, etc. They create buildings and such and learn how to overcome problems when their structure does not stand. Coming up with new ways to fix their construction issues gets them to think in new and creative ways. Overcoming this failure is important as they learn it is okay to make mistakes and feel proud of themselves for what they have accomplished. 


When working with parents and other children, kids must communicate to work together. They can work in teams to accomplish a goal. They will learn to listen to each other’s ideas and share their materials. By communicating effectively, they clear up problems and learn to overcome problems as a group. They learn to work together to come up with valuable solutions.


They learn how to make different structures with the various colours and shapes LEGO is created in. Though they can look at instructions to build certain things, they can also create free structures and let their creativity run wild. It is a way to let them express themselves and foster their creativity. 


Especially when working in groups, children must be patient with themselves and others. They must wait for their turn, listen to other ideas, as well determine how they are going to build what they want to build. It takes immense focus to ensure success to their goals. In a world where children are developing shorter attention spans, using LEGO allows for children to work on focusing for longer amounts of time. Working on this skill will only benefit them while reading, and other tasks where they need to keep their focus on concentration. 

Physical Development

LEGO helps children to strengthen their motor skills. They search for specific colours and shapes which help them improve their hand-eye coordination. LEGO bricks get children to work with their fingers when they build various structures. Working with their fingers will assist them in school when they learn how to write. Holding a pencil will activate the same muscles that they use when playing with LEGO. 

Switch the iPad out for the LEGOs! Especially with the pandemic, students are already attached to their screens and spend hours upon hours on it to do their work. Playing with LEGO will be a break for their eyes, while still working on other skills. Learning is play!